Water mitigation in data centers

Learn how to avoid costly downtime.

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Water mitigation in data centers

Reports on climate change indicate extreme rainfall events and rising sea levels. Jason Hood, global infrastructure segment manager at Roxtec, shares his best tips in a new paper on protection of data centers against flooding.

In the paper “Water Mitigation in Data Centers. Preparing for Natural Disasters and Climate Change” Jason Hood explains how you can harden your data centers against water ingress and thereby maintain operational reliability. Read it today – and learn how to reduce the risk of downtime. Did you know that the average data center outage costs 740,357 USD?


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Think strategically

Ensure the right location from the start. Place your data center in a low risk area with minimum risk of high water table or long-term effects of humidity.

Use efficient seals

Water issues affecting operations may also occur under moderate rainfall events. Use best practice when sealing all openings for cables and pipes.

Avoid costly outages

Secure your entire facility. It is crucial to protect all your equipment, including generators and switchgear, from the risk of humidity and partial discharge.

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