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Protect your metal pipe penetrations with Roxtec seals

Maintain the integrity of all systems.

Protect your metal pipe penetrations with Roxtec seals

Use Roxtec sealing solutions for single and multiple metal pipes to protect life and assets against fire, gas and water ingress. Owners, shipbuilders and construction companies all over the world appreciate the excellent fire-stopping and watertight features of our certified sealing system.

Roxtec metal pipe transits maintain deck and bulkhead fire classifications as defined by IMO as well as fire ratings for walls, panels and other structures with openings for pipes. They are available for a variety of environments and use, for round and rectangular openings and for high demand areas.

Covering a wide range of systems

Marine vessels, for example, have complex webs of pipework to feed essential systems such as engine transfer systems, hydraulic fluid systems and various water systems. This means variations in pipe materials, and tough demands for sealing systems. We provide seals for many applications, and our metal pipe seals are ideal for maintaining the integrity of marine rated divisions penetrated by: 

  • Water pipes
  • Wastewater pipes
  • Hydraulic pipes
  • Pneumatic pipes
  • Transfer and distribution systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Restaurant and beverage pipes

Roxtec metal pipe seals are resistant to:


Stop A, B, H and jet-fire. Prevent smoke from spreading.


Ensure complete tightness against air and gas pressure up to 2.5 bar.


Prevent humidity and water ingress. Keep tight against water pressure up to 6 bar.

Electromagnetic threats

Protect against effects of EMI and EMP.

Threats to electrical safety

Ensure electrical safety via potential equalization.


Protect against noise, vibration and the risk of explosion.

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