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Roxtec UG™ – underground sealing solutions

Discover our seals for protection against constant water pressure.

Roxtec UG™ – underground sealing solutions

Do you want to prevent water ingress?

Use Roxtec seals to avoid the risk of costly downtime and power outages due to corrosion, damage to equipment or partial discharge.

Learn from experts

Make use of our expertise in cable and pipe sealing to avoid harm to life and equipment.

Use Roxtec UG™ seals to prevent corrosion and rodents – and to maintain optimum operating conditions.

Roxtec UG™ (underground) solutions for cables and pipes protect your site against environmental ingress in both normal and flood conditions. The seals withstand cable bending forces and are resistant to constant water pressure. Keep your equipment dry and safe by ensuring a long-lasting sealing barrier against flooding, gas, humidity and rodents.

Roxtec UG™ seals resist constant water pressure

User-friendly flexibility

Roxtec UG™ seals are easy to install even in wet conditions and in environments with running water.

  • Available for single or multiple cables and pipes
  • Multidiameter™ by Roxtec – adapts to cable and pipe sizes through removable layers
  • Built-in spare capacity for future needs

Retention capabilities

The seals are tested and developed to provide excellent cable retention.

  • Withstands pull force of up to 15 000 N and a weight load of up to 1 500 kg
  • Withstands extreme cable bending
  • Can expand up to 5 mm to aid installation and ensure a perfect fit
Maintain optimum operating conditions

Tight and resistant

Roxtec UG™ solutions are IP 68 rated. They are tested for constant and catastrophic water pressure. Thanks to their high grade acid-proof stainless steel, they are suitable for the harshest of environments.

  • Constant water pressure up to 0.3 bar (3 mH₂O)
  • Catastrophic water pressure up to 1 bar (10 mH₂O)
  • Gas pressure up to 0.3 bar
  • Corrosion and rodent safe
Roxtec UG™ cable seals for underground applications.


Numerous application areas

Roxtec UG™ seals are ideal for cables and pipes entering buildings via concrete foundations. They provide excellent cable retention, eliminate flooding and prevent humidity from damaging equipment. You can use them in vaults, duct banks or cable trenches.

Adaptable and tailor-made solutions

Roxtec UG™ solutions are perfect for use around existing cables and pipes, and the smart design simplifies retrofit. The seals fit into the knock-out sleeve as well as in conduits and core drilled holes. The soft yet firm rubber adapts to uneven openings and ducts. Our openable seals do not suffer from failure in the same way as traditional methods do when the cables or pipes move and expand.

Customized seals

If you have specific needs or face challenges that require special Roxtec UG™ seals, our design and engineering team is ready to help you by creating tailor-made sealing solutions.

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