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Semco Maritime selects Roxtec cable and pipe transits for multiple offshore substations in the U.S. and Asia

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The long cooperation between Semco Maritime, a global giant in offshore substation engineering, and Roxtec, a major supplier of cable and pipe seals, has resulted in an important three-year agreement. Roxtec will deliver seals for low, medium and high-voltage applications to U.S. projects such as Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind as well as to multiple offshore wind farms in Asia.

As the leading player within engineering, procurement and electrical installations for offshore substations, Semco Maritime (www.semcomaritime.com) has been specifying Roxtec sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations for more than a decade. Roxtec seals are certified safety products protecting against multiple risks, such as fire, water, vibration, EMI and cable pull-out. The Roxtec range provides solutions for many applications onboard substations, from large power cables going through steel structures to cables passing through sandwich panels or entering control cabinets. The sealing modules adapt to cables and pipes of different sizes and make it possible to ensure spare capacity, which is beneficial for designers as well as for installers and maintenance teams.


Onsite support and online tools

Thanks to its experience in offshore wind power, Roxtec can offer its sealing expertise both in terms of support onsite and through online engineering tools. Semco Maritime uses the software Roxtec Transit Designer, which enables quick and correct selection and design of cable and pipe transits. Behind the progress of Roxtec is also an ability to customize seals according to specific needs and requirements, such as oval seals for jackets and monopiles that reduce the stress concentration factor in the structure and enable huge steel savings in offshore wind farm projects.

Enabling green energy transition

“The agreement is signed for 2022 to 2024,” says Thomas Schöbel, Global Customer Coordination Manager, Wind Power & Renewables, at Roxtec. “We are pleased to contribute to the development of offshore substations and to enable a green transition. Being selected as sealing partner by Semco Maritime for all the largest projects, we will continue to make a difference.”


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