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Roxtec seals contribute to high safety level at Campus Ås

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The Norwegian University of Life Sciences and the Norwegian Veterinary Institute are growing with eight new buildings for research and education at Campus Ås near Oslo. The provider of fire sealing solutions, Byggimpuls, uses Roxtec cable and pipe seals.

“We have been installing Roxtec seals for more than one year at Campus Ås,” says Sebastian Krzemien, team leader at Byggimpuls. “It works well and provides very good quality. I hope we will have more projects in Norway where we mount Roxtec seals.”

Campus Ås is one of Norway’s biggest construction projects. The extension counts 63,100 square meters, or 2,400 rooms, including 18,000 square meters of technical rooms. It is managed by Statsbygg, the Norwegian government’s key advisor in property development.

Important challenges

The new-builds include everything from lecture halls to 15,000 square meters of labs and containment rooms for research on unknown diseases. The broad research work generates innovations in food, health, environment and sustainable use of natural resources. Such operations need protection against fire, gas and water, but also against harmful particles.

Securing the campus

Campus Ås is to host thousands of professionals and students and a large number of animals. The entire work environment must be secured to avoid the risk of contamination. It requires advanced technical solutions separating contamination areas from other areas, and all components in labs and containment rooms must withstand a cleaning process using heavy fumigants. It is also vital to protect the lab equipment.

Close cooperation

Roxtec representatives worked with both the engineers and the contractors on site. Roxtec was able to provide standard as well as customized sealing solutions to meet the high demands. Today, more than one thousand Roxtec transits are used at Campus Ås to seal around cables, metal pipes and plastic pipes entering walls, floors and equipment.