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Large HVDC project in China secured with Roxtec seals

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State Grid Corporation of China, SGCC, knows that a lightning strike can shut down a converter station and cause significant losses. Therefore, they use Roxtec solutions for sealing, EMI and lightning protection grounding of braided cables in their HVDC transmission projects.

Long distance power transmission and distribution to millions of households and enterprises require reliable products. At the Taizhou ±800kV converter station in the Jiangsu province, Roxtec BG seals are used by SGCC at all critical points to ensure safety and operational reliability.

Cover many challenges

Roxtec cable seals protect against fire, gas, water and rodents. They protect control equipment against electromagnetic interferences, EMI, carried by cables as well as electromagnetic pulses, EMP. And the bonding and grounding (BG) feature withstands the effect of a power surge caused by a lightning strike.

Good technical support

Mr Huang Xing, installation manager at SGCC HVDC Construction, is satisfied with Roxtec BG solutions, and so is the owner who has been onsite to check the installations.
"We needed the material urgently and got good technical support," says Mr Huang Xing. "Roxtec helped us onsite as well as with the design of tailor-made seals. We want to use Roxtec BG in all our projects."

Ready for future needs

Roxtec seals are beneficial for years to come. The cable seals are openable and provide built-in spare capacity. It is possible to add cables years later or when the equipment is to be upgraded.


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