Humidity in substations

Webinar on underground sealing and the effects of humidity in substations.

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Humidity in substations

We present a one-hour webinar on efficient sealing of power cables entering electrical substations.

Learn how to protect power substations against water ingress

It is important to understand the impact of structural ingress on substation performance. Flooding, humidity and dust can damage sensitive electrical equipment or cause partial discharge resulting in failures and even severe power outages.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure reliable cable sealing in a substation environment. This is an opportunity for you to learn how to secure stable power supply.

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The webinar will help you:

Face the facts

Make sure you understand the risk related to insufficient underground cable entry sealing.

Gain knowledge

Learn about the requirements for establishing optimum conditions for switchgear operation.

Deal with the cause

Enter upcoming new-build or retrofit projects with the right input regarding design and construction.

Who should view this webinar?

If you work with design, engineering, construction, installation or operation of electrical substations or if you are a manager responsible for asset management, maintenance, quality, safety and environment – then this educative session is perfectly suited for you. It is as important if you work with sealing on a daily basis as if you are responsible for the overall security of power distribution.

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