Best practices in cable and pipe seals for industrial machinery

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Best practices in cable and pipe seals for industrial machinery

Industrial manufacturing companies face two major challenges related to cable and pipe penetrations. As robotics and automation are being deployed faster than ever, machinery needs to be upgraded and kept up-to-date. The other is to effectively reap the benefits out of the intelligent factory for increased productivity and reduced downtime. Downtime is today the single largest source of lost production time for most manufacturers.

Instant and long-term benefits

Standardize with Roxtec multi-cable seals in structures and cabinets for cranes and other industrial equipment to ensure long-term operational reliability. The seals are designed to withstand very tough conditions, and they help you save space while you efficiently seal everything from flat cables to pneumatic pipes. 

The Roxtec sealing system is cable-friendly and excellent for fixing and protecting cables against damage. Simplify inspection and maintenance by using our area efficient seals.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Vibration damping
  • Watertight
  • Dust-tight
  • Cable retention

Superior simplicity

  • Easy and safe installation
  • Flexibility for cables and pipes of different sizes
  • Customized solutions for specific requirements
Our customers want seals that are easy to install and that provide very good protection. When it comes to high IP ratings, Roxtec is the only seal we use.
Jarmo Manninen, SSAB

Roxtec references in Manufacturing industry

Learn more on efficient sealing

Roxtec multi-cable transits protect against multiple threats in a small package – and are just right for modern connected machine builders and smart factories. Download our paper “Best practices in cable and pipe seals for industrial machinery” to learn more on how to meet all sealing challenges.


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