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Roxtec H3+1 UG™ seal

Transit for cables entering via foundations.

The Roxtec H3+1 UG™ seal is ideal for power cables in trefoil formation entering via foundations together with a grounding cable. It works as a long-lasting barrier against flooding, gas, humidity and rodents. It is a four-part seal that is easy to install also in wet conditions and in environments with running water. The transit withstands extreme cable bending and has a +3mm tolerance towards the aperture as well as an indicator showing when a compressed seal is achieved. The seal can be installed into knock-out sleeves, conduits and core drilled holes.

  • Watertight
  • Rodent resistant
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Provides excellent cable retention

Ratings & certificates

Certificates are continuously added, renewed and replaced, please visit regularly to ensure compliance.


  • N/A


  • Gas: 0.3 bar (constant)
  • Water: 0.3 bar (constant)
  • IP 68


Specification texts


Structure of installation

  • concretebrick.svg
    Concrete & brick

Mounting type

  • existinghole_icon_round.svg
    Existing hole

Installation instructions

Information drawings


Sealing component data

Here you find technical information about each specific part of our system.

Round frames/seals

Sealing components

Pre-configured transit kits

H3+1 150 UG

  • Configuration 4x (10.0-53.0)
  • External dimension Ø (mm) 150
  • Aperture dimension Ø (mm) 150 - 153
  • Weight (kg) 2
  • Art. No 192261
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H3+1 200 UG

  • Configuration 4x (10.0-68.0)
  • External dimension Ø (mm) 200
  • Aperture dimension Ø (mm) 200 - 203
  • Weight (kg) 4.2
  • Art. No 192082
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Product Configuration External dimension Ø (mm) Aperture dimension Ø (mm) Weight (kg) Art. No
H3+1 150 UG 4x (10.0-53.0) 150 150 - 153 2 192261
H3+1 200 UG 4x (10.0-68.0) 200 200 - 203 4.2 192082