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Watertight seals for floating wind turbines

Collaborating for the future of renewables.

Watertight seals for floating wind turbines

Saitec Offshore Technologies in Bilbao, Spain, has specified Roxtec cable seals for their innovative SATH floating wind turbine concept. After having experienced the seals in the previous BlueSATH project, they decided to use several different Roxtec solutions for their DemoSATH 2MW project.

“Roxtec offers a customized solution for our floating wind project. We need offshore environment protection of the internal equipment and cabinets of the WTG at the transition piece and other areas of the floating platform. We developed an excellent collaboration with their team, and we believe that their watertight solution will have a great performance in harsh offshore conditions,” says Aitor Sanz, Offshore Wind MEP Manager at Saitec Offshore Technologies.

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Fruitful project collaboration

Saitec Offshore Technologies has designed the SATH floating wind concept, a unique floating platform for offshore wind turbines suitable for shallow and deep waters. As Saitec had previous experience in working with Roxtec, they decided to continue the collaboration on this project. The sealing demand was a fully watertight solution for the offshore environment. Furthermore, the sealing solutions for partitions and cabinets had to be openable and removable in case more cables or ducts had to be installed.

Flexible and customized seals

Roxtec round seals and Roxtec rectangular and compact cable and pipe transits are used to seal off cable ducts for low-voltage and medium-voltage cables as well as for closing off refrigeration ducts from the exterior offshore environment. Roxtec seals adapt to cables and pipes of different sizes and are in this case used for marine type power cables ranging from 4mm to 150mm and for pipes from 15mm to 25mm. Roxtec also created a customized sealing module to help Saitec seal flat cables.

We developed an excellent collaboration with the Roxtec team.
Aitor Sanz, Saitec Offshore Technologies

Why use Roxtec?

  • Watertight
  • Flexible for cables and pipes of different sizes
  • Proven offshore performance
  • Customized solutions
  • Sharing sealing expertise

Project description

Project description

Construction of floating wind turbines

Involved companies

Saitec Offshore Technologies – owner, design and engineering


Sealing of cable ducts and refrigeration ducts

Sealing requirements


Roxtec products

Roxtec RS seals, Roxtec S transits, Roxtec C KFO transits and customized Roxtec seals for flat cables