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Improving the shipyard standard

Fassmer selects Roxtec pipe seals.

Improving the shipyard standard

What is crucial when sealing pipe penetrations onboard? Each seal must of course provide certified protection, but also be easy to use with one or multiple pipes of different sizes and help save space. Therefore, Fassmer Shipyard decided to make room for Roxtec pipe seals in their shipyard standard.

“It is good to be able to design and plan for one cut-out without having to define pipe sizes. During construction, we enter multiple pipes through the opening and then adapt the seal to the diameters. We can even add pipes later,” says Alla Klatt, Senior 3D Coordinator at Fassmer Shipbuilding Division.

She is clear about why she updated their shipyard standard for pipe penetrations with Roxtec seals:

“The flexibility. Now we can make changes without taking away concrete or drill new holes to refill.”   

Preferred sealing solution

The shipyard standard is valid for all projects and followed by all contractors. It means the yard is to use Roxtec sealing solutions instead of the usual sealing plugs or concrete compounds in demanding applications. Marc Bröker of the Mechanical Department at Fassmer Shipyard thinks the Roxtec design is cleaner, and that it enables installation of pipes closer together. It also makes it easy to add pipes when needed.

“We just open up, add a pipe and reclose the transit, and we only need access to one side of the deck or bulkhead for the installation, not both as is the case with plugs or concrete.” 

No need for hot work 

Fassmer is using Roxtec pipe seals and cable transits onboard vessels they build to ensure protection against fire, gas and water as well as to reduce noise and vibration. The Roxtec SPM™ for sealing of single metal pipes without welding has proven to be a real game-changer when it comes to installing and sealing pipes at construction phases and in areas where a hot work process is out of question.   

“Now we can easily install a new pipe at a late stage, even on LNG-driven vessels,” says Marc Bröker. 

Roxtec pipe seals are now part of our shipyard standard.
Alla Klatt, Senior 3D Coordinator at Fassmer Shipyard Division

Why use Roxtec? 

  • Certified protection
  • Area efficient sealing
  • Non-weld sealing solutions
  • Noise and vibration damping
  • Flexibility for cables and pipes of different sizes 

Project facts

Project description

Shipbuilding in Berne, Germany


Sealing of cable and pipe penetrations in decks and bulkheads

Sealing requirements

Fire protection, Gas-tight, Watertight

Roxtec products

Roxtec S transits, Roxtec SPM™ seals and customized Roxtec H seals

Involved companies

Fassmer Shipyard - design, construction and installation