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Cable and pipe transits for multi-purpose vessels

Cable and pipe transits for multi-purpose vessels

Roxtec transits for single and multiple cables and pipes are used onboard four new vessels belonging to the Swedish Coast Guard. The seals cover requirements including protection against water, gas and fire.

The German shipyard, P+S, selected Roxtec seals also to ensure electromagnetic compatibility. EMC can be crucial on a vessel carrying a lot of electronic equipment. The KBV 033 is built to handle oil spill, fire-fighting and search and rescue as well as maritime surveillance, fishing control and environmental protection. The need for safe, reliable and flexible transits is omnipresent.

Superior area efficiency

Besides sealing properties, Roxtec transits offer area efficiency. You can seal many cables and pipes in few openings. The deck transit for steel pipes to the hydraulic crane onboard is a good example requiring very little space.

Hazardous environment

When KBV 033 assists a ship on fire, its deck may turn into a hazardous location with explosive chemicals and toxic substances. The crew can pressurize the vessel's interior and keep dangers out thanks to gastight transits.

The shipyard chose Roxtec SRC transits with rounded corners to reduce stress for exposed bulkheads and minimize the risk of damages to the structure.

Tailor-made EMC modules

The Roxtec EMC system protects the radar and antennas on upper deck against electromagnetic interference. Roxtec co-operated onsite with the shipyard and manufactured special EMC modules with rounded corners.

Why use Roxtec?

  • One trusted transit supplier
  • Installation training onsite
  • Solutions for cables and pipes
  • EMC solutions for electrical safety
  • Ex solutions for hazardous locations

Projects facts

Project description

New-build of coast guard combination vessels in Germany


Swedish Coast Guard

Design, engineering and main contractor

P+S Shipyards in Stralsund/Wolgast

Electrical installations

STN in Rostock


Sealing of cables and pipes in decks, bulkheads, cabinets and enclosures

Sealing requirements

Watertight, gas-tight, fire-proof (A-60) and EMC