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Roxtec Sleev-it™ seals – now also for aluminum structures

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Roxtec extends its range of plastic pipe seals to meet the demand for high quality light-weight aluminum solutions in the marine and offshore sector. The Roxtec Sleev-it™ penetration seals are now available not only in steel, but also with an aluminum flange – for use in aluminum decks and bulkheads.

The Roxtec Sleev-it™ Fire penetration seal contains intumescent material which closes off the plastic pipe penetration in case of fire. It is openable and can be used for both new-build and retrofit projects. The Roxtec Sleev-it™ Waterproof penetration seal has similar properties, but includes a rubber grommet for additional protection against gas and water. The seals are ideal for pipe penetrations above the waterline. They are light-weight and easy to install from one side of the deck or bulkhead.

Certified protection

The Roxtec Sleev-it™ seals for aluminum structures are approved for both A-60 and A-0 fire rated divisions and type approval certificates are now available. The waterproof version is also approved for 1 bar water-tightness and 0.67 bar gas-tightness.

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