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Roxtec selects Sustainable Marine Fuels

Roxtec selects Sustainable Marine Fuels
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Roxtec has grown to cover industries and markets worldwide. This has increased the need for transportation of cable and pipe seals, and especially sustainable ocean freight solutions since shipping is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. Roxtec is now the very first company to join the new global Sustainable Marine Fuels concept from the transportation and logistics company GEODIS.

“We want to act now to reduce our impact on the climate and have therefore decided to pay a surcharge for the sustainable marine fuel. In this way, we contribute to accelerate the production of sustainable fuels and make them more accessible,” says Håkan Nilsson, EVP Global Operations of Roxtec.

Choosing fuels produced from cooking oils and forest residues enables 90% reduction of CO₂ emissions compared to conventional fuels. It is also a way for Roxtec to promote ocean freight and reduce transportation by air.

“In our turn, we aim to give our customers the opportunity to choose Sustainable Aviation Fuels for their direct deliveries,” says Håkan Nilsson. “This will enable more actors to support the change.”

Read the full press release.

It was a milestone in the sustainability cooperation between GEODIS and Roxtec when the 400-meter container ship HMM Oslo left the harbor with a consignment booked by Roxtec within the GEODIS concept “Sustainable Marine Fuels”. The aim is to minimize the carbon footprint.