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Approval from London Underground

Approval from London Underground
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The Roxtec sealing system for cables, pipes and conduits has been tested and approved by London Underground.

Following a rigorous process designed to challenge every aspect of the multi-cable transit system, the product is now the first of its kind cleared for use on London's underground transportation network.

Protection against multiple risks

The Roxtec sealing system will play a key role as safety component in London Underground's extensive modernization program, allowing cables to pass between separate areas while protecting people and infrastructure against multiple hazards. The seals are fire rated for up to four hours and can shield an area against smoke, gas, water ingress, humidity and dust while assuring protection from rodents, vibration, cable pull and also current surge and electromagnetic pulse/interference.

The Roxtec system vastly reduces time at each stage of the project process, from design right through to trackside fitment and further during maintenance and expansion, since spare capacity to add new cables is built in from the start.

Meeting the requirements

The London Underground approval is considered to be the global rail industry's gold standard. It requires products to be rigorously tested to meet formidably high demands. The verification process took about 18 months to complete, during which time, Roxtec test certificates for Smoke density, Toxicity, Flammability and Oxygen Index were analyzed at a specialist testing facility, to ensure compliance with Transport for London's fire standards.

Further, tests were carried out to allow the use of Roxtec for up to 0.25 m2 in tunnels and up to 0.9 m2 in stations - an amount which will allow a truly staggering amount of cables to be sealed effectively.

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