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“Everybody knows exactly what to do”

Keeping the order with Roxtec Transit Operate™.

“Everybody knows exactly what to do”

When many installers work on several thousands of cable and pipe transits onboard a ship, it is beneficial to have a digital management tool. Lead inspector Cristoffer Dahlén of Roxtec Services has seen chaotic situations where dozens of contractors use far too many different paper-based systems. He has also experienced the opposite: total control thanks to the digital tools in the Roxtec Software Suite™.

“I just came home from a shipyard where we have enabled the installers to set up a register of all cable transits onboard and use our digital tool to report the status of each transit,” says Cristoffer Dahlén. “It works extremely well. Everybody knows exactly where additional installation work is needed.”

With complete control of all openings for cables and pipes, it is easy for the safety officer to inspect and approve the status of the transits as well as letting external inspectors verify the installation quality.

“In this case, we performed the transit safety inspections and reported status in real time. The owner representatives were really satisfied with our services and digital tools,” says Cristoffer Dahlén.

Complete transit register

The cable transit seal systems register in the software Roxtec Transit Operate™ is ideal, and a register of watertight cable transits is now mandatory for new-builds of ships and offshore units contracted for construction on or after July 1, 2021. It will be very helpful the day the ship enters a dry dock for refurbishment. For many owners and shipbuilders it is actually a completely new experience to have full control of all transits onboard. Cristoffer Dahlén says there are other benefits of using the interlinked digital tools:

“Roxtec Transit Operate™ makes it possible for owners to follow the installation progress in real time. It also enables the officer who is responsible for cable and pipe transits onboard to see where the owner’s own fire patrol can do repair work in order to secure fire protection and comply with class regulations.”

One way of using Roxtec Transit Operate™ is to enter information during the walk-through with class inspectors. It results in an updated overview of the situation, and it makes it very easy for all parties – owners, installers and inspectors – to return to the right spot for corrective action or final verification.