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Experience a systematic inspection

Discover the value of a Roxtec transit inspection. Watch this video to see our inspectors in action.

Watch this onboard transit inspection video

ISO certified

You can benefit from our know-how and extensive experience through our systematic inspection process. Our quality management system and inspection methodology are certified by DNV according to ISO 9001:2015 and valid for “Sales and performance of inspection and testing of cable and pipe transit sealing systems and related services”. A consistent quality focus has made us approved service supplier, aiming to set new standards for safety at sea.

Systematic inspection process

Our transit inspectors are experienced sealing and product experts who have verified thousands of openings for cables and pipes. They can do a partial inspection of cable and pipe transits in specific areas onboard, or a complete inspection of all transits onboard the ship or offshore unit.

Here are the inspection steps:

1. Transit ID marking

We identify and mark all transits with ID tags to make it possible to store and access information for each individual transit, such as installation instructions and certificates.

2. Localization

We mark all cable and pipe transits on the deck drawings to make it easy to keep track of and locate them.

3. Quality check

We assess the installation status of each transit by visual inspections.

4. Report delivery

We document and report all our findings in a software for smooth handling and sharing.

5. Follow-up

We can also return onsite to verify the installation quality after you have taken actions on the ship or rig.

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