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Roxtec RS PPS seal with SL PPS

Penetration seal for large single plastic pipes.

The Roxtec RS PPS with SL PPS is a transit kit consisting of two Roxtec RS seals and an intumescent-based sealing strip that wraps around the plastic pipe in between. Each seal is adaptable to pipes of different sizes thanks to removable layers. The penetration seal ensures complete blocking of smoke, flames and water in case of fire. For plastic pipes up to 386mm.

  • Easy to maintain and inspect

Product characteristics

  • fire rated.svg
    Fire rated
  • watertight.svg
  • gas-tight.svg

Ratings & certificates

Certificates are continuously added, renewed and replaced, please visit regularly to ensure compliance.


  • A-CLASS according to IMO 2010 FTP Code


  • Gas: 2 bar (catastrophic)
  • Water: 4 bar (catastrophic)


Structure of installation

  • metal.svg

Mounting type

  • welding.svg

Installation instructions

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