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The new way of sealing penetrations in rail engineering

The new way of sealing penetrations in rail engineering

Why are some rail engineers successful in mitigating risks and meeting all demands of rail network owners and operators? Well, they are aware of the threats and needs- and they use innovative technologies such as the Roxtec sealing system for cables, pipes and conduits.

Watertight below sea level - Sije van der Veen, Qirion

Reliable sealing solutions

Engineers and design firms working for rail owners are challenged by the toughest requirements. The owner can only be satisfied with complete protection of life and assets, continuous operation and financial efficiency. Whether you work directly for the owner or as engineering consultant, you must explore, embrace and select solutions that enable longevity and safe operations. It is time for you too to discover Roxtec’s world-leading transits for cables, pipes and conduits.

No more downtime

Operational reliability is a top priority regardless of whether you are working with urban, suburban, conventional, high-speed or freight railway. There is simply no time for disruption. In order to keep trains and rail vehicles running, you have to secure protection of equipment for electrification, signaling and communication systems, and manage risk by sealing properly around cables, metal pipes, plastic pipes and conduits that enter buildings, shelters and enclosures. That is why successful lead engineers in rail infrastructure specify Roxtec seals – as standard.  

Several application areas

There are Roxtec seals for outdoor wall and floor penetrations in substations as well as for other traction power, signaling and communication applications. The seals are flexible enough to cover cabinets, junction boxes, terminal boxes and equipment, making it possible to save space and meet multiple sealing demands. 

Explore the application areas for Roxtec seals

Costs to consider

Every minute of a standstill in the rail industry means loss of revenue. Costs can easily occur if a rat cuts a cable or just because of an accumulation of ground water in underground vaults and manholes. Owners and operators have reasons for fearing costs for more than delays: in case of a higher ground water table there will be frequent pump outs and cleaning work as well as costs for onsite personnel and special safety precautions and equipment. It also means further inspections, visits by third party certified testers and paperwork including documentation of risk reduction programs. It confirms the statement “When water leaks in, the revenue leaks out” from the revealing paper “Demand for water mitigation in rail infrastructure” by sealing expert Hamsini Subramanian.  

Quick and easy to install

Roxtec seals are beneficial when it comes to saving time during both installations and later reinstallations. They enable retrofit sealing around existing cables and allow the use of pre-terminated cables. The fact that installers can completely avoid the task of cutting and re-connecting connectors speeds up the installation work and eliminates the risk of errors. The seals also provide built-in spare capacity for late changes, upgrades and future expansion.

Another excellent feature is the space efficiency. It is possible to route multiple cables or pipes through the same opening and eliminate the need for drilling for cable glands. Engineers use Roxtec compact seals to manage difficult areas with very high cable density.

Our innovative technologies

Simplify your work

The thing about acting in the forefront of technology is not only the ability to deliver safe, efficient and engineered solutions. It is also about working in a smarter way. By choosing Roxtec as supplier of seals, you get a globally present sealing expert as partner offering a full concept of solutions, services and support. You can expect and benefit from web-based tools, design support and smart logistics as well as installation training for staff in the field. Rail engineers working with Roxtec appreciate the feeling of solving every possible problem.

Tailor-made seals for specific needs 

We have built our expertise by developing sealing solutions that perfectly match the needs and requirements of our customers in the rail industry. If you have a very specific sealing challenge, there is an entire research and development organization available to assist you. Thanks to established test and approval procedures, you can easily get certified customized solutions.

Protect against multiple risks

Use Roxtec seals to prevent different threats and ensure safety and operational reliability.

Meet the toughest requirements

You can now safely meet the harsh environment in trackside infrastructure because Roxtec seals have the following ratings:

Fire rated (up to 4 hours), water-tight (up to 4 bar/58 psi/133 feet of water), gas- and air-tight (2.5 bar)

The seals are tested, certified and approved according to:

EN 1366-3, UL 1479, BS 476, DIN 4102-9, GB 23864-2009, The building standard law of Japan, NEMA 4, 4X, 6P, IP 67/68, EN 61373, NFPA 130-2014, EN 45545, flammability, smoke emission and toxicity, air-shock

If you are interested in trying our world-leading seals in a pilot project or if you just want to talk about sealing in rail engineering, you are of course welcome to contact us right away.   

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