1. Industries
  2. Process industries
  3. Onshore oil & gas & petrochem
  4. Buildings – modular and built on site

Buildings – modular and built on site

Roxtec sealing solutions are ideal when multiple cables and pipes of different types and sizes enter walls, floors, roofs or underground in motor control centers, substations, E-houses, field auxiliary rooms, control rooms and other high cable density applications. The seals meet international safety ratings and are designed to withstand harsh environments. Use our solutions to ensure protection, save space, simplify design and speed up installation.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Watertight
  • Firestop
  • Gas-tight, vapor-tight
  • Rodent barrier
  • Blast protection
  • Electrical safety

Superior simplicity

  • One opening for multiple cables and pipes
  • Flexibility for cables and pipes of different sizes
  • Built-in spare capacity for upgrades and retrofits
  • Global certifications and standards
  • Time-savings in design, installation and maintenance