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  2. Manufacturing industry
  3. Heavy machinery
  4. Cabinets and junction boxes

More seals for your cabinets and junction boxes

Roxtec openable seals are ideal for top or bottom high cable density entries to control cabinets and smart junction boxes in harsh environments. Meet international safety requirements and be ready for changes in cable schedules or for additional cables. Standardize with Roxtec seals to protect your equipment, your cable entries and your pneumatic and hydraulic pipe entries.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Watertight
  • Gas-tight
  • Dust-tight
  • Bonding and grounding

Superior simplicity

  • One cut-out for dozens of preterminated cables
  • Built-in spare capacity for future cable and pipes
  • Space and weight saving
  • Suitable also for terminal boxes/junction boxes, control cabinets, MCC cabinets, DCS cabinets, fieldbus and I/O cabinets
  • Cable retention