1. Industries
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Advanced facilities
  4. Cleanrooms/ Containment labs

Further sealing solutions for your cleanrooms/containment labs

Use Roxtec penetration seals to combine complete air-tightness with excellent firestop performance. Make sure your facilities meet all requirements for maintaining positive or negative pressure for safe operation and validation. You enable efficient energy use while eliminating the risk of contamination and fumigants escaping. You can enter and seal multiple cables in each opening, and even reopen the transit later on to add cables, without releasing dust or particles into the air. 

Why use Roxtec?

  • Air-tight
  • Fire rated
  • Dustless, clean re-entry
  • Tested to provide excellent fumigant control

Superior simplicity

  • More than a firestop
  • Securing required positive or negative pressure
  • One opening for multiple cables or pipes
  • Flexibility for cables and pipes of different sizes
  • Built-in spare capacity for future cables and pipes