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Trust, honesty and respect

Living the Roxtec Code of Conduct.

It is true that our mission is to seal the world. It is also true that all of us within the Roxtec family make a strong team and that we together can do more for a safer world.

The Roxtec Code of Conduct clarifies our position regarding ethical and environmental issues, and we require that all managers, employees, partners and suppliers involved in business operations under the Roxtec brand respect and follow the Code.

We also encourage all parties to take on an even bigger responsibility than required by law. The Code is based on trust, honesty and respect and it is summarized in the ten statements in this leaflet.

Our general rule is that all parties shall comply with national laws, industry standards and requirements as well as with the Roxtec Code of Conduct.

When addressing the same issue, the directive that is most favorable to workers shall apply. We may consider cultural differences, but never compromise on safety and human rights. Neither do we tolerate bribes in any business relations. Note that our requirements may not be limited to the requirements of the national law.

Roxtec International AB is certified according to the ISO 14001 standard. All partners, including suppliers, must therefore meet communicated environmental demands.

We say no to

  • Child labor – We recognize the rights of every child. The minimum age for employment is normally 15.
  • Forced labor – Work must not be made under threat of punishment or as a means of repayment of debt.
  • Discrimination – No one is to be threatened, abused or discriminated of any cause.
  • Disciplinary practices – We treat all personnel with dignity. We do not accept the use of mental or physical punishment.
  • Bribes and fraud – We do not tolerate bribes or fraud in any business relations.

We say yes to

  • Health and safety – We provide a safe, clean and healthy working environment. Orderliness is a basic rule, and since workers' safety is a priority at all times, we strive for preventing all potential accidents.
  • Environment – We comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations in the country of operation. We minimize energy use and waste, and handle chemicals correctly.

We respect

Workers' rights and freedom of association

All our co-workers have the right to an employment contract, to form and join trade unions and to negotiate collectively. We do not accept any prisoners or bonded or illegal workers.

Working hours

We comply with applicable laws and industry standards on working hours. We compensate for overtime work.


Wages shall always meet at least legal or industry minimum standards and be sufficient for the basic needs of personnel. All workers are granted their stipulated annual, sick or parental leave.