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Presenting our sustainability report

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Roxtec International AB proudly publishes our sustainability report for 2021. According to our group’s sustainability goals, all employees shall know how to act for a sustainable society no later than 2023. We shall also have sustainable supply chains, operations, and products in a circular economy no later than 2030 and reduce our carbon dioxide footprint by using renewable energy no later than 2030.

Among the sustainability initiatives presented in the report are ambitious efforts for greener transportation through sustainable marine fuels for ocean freights, for recycling of production waste materials, and for streamlined energy use. You can also read about corporate social responsibility in the form of our sponsorship of Hand in Hand’s Village Uplift Programs to fight poverty in rural India. Our most important contribution to a sustainable development of the society is, however, still an efficient protection of life and assets through extremely reliable safety products that are used all over the world.

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