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Introducing the Roxtec sealing kits

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The new Roxtec sealing kits make it easier than ever to handle, use and install Roxtec cable and pipe transits.

Roxtec sealing kits

The kits include all the sealing components you need to fill up a Roxtec frame in size 6.

The kit comes in a box with a handle making it easy to carry. Every sealing component is packed and presented in its right place. When you open it up, you get an instant idea of a complete installation.  

The kits are available in the most frequently used configurations and replace the Roxtec RM kits (602, 603 and 605). There are versions for Roxtec standard transits as well as for Roxtec BG™ B (bonding and grounding), Roxtec ES (electromagnetic shielding) and Roxtec Ex (hazardous locations). 

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