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Hands-on installation training in the UK

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A team of highly skilled and enthusiastic field service engineers and technical support professionals from NSPS, North Sea Power Solutions, attended a training session to learn best practice for installation of Roxtec cable and pipe seals.

Richard Keith, marine and offshore manager of Roxtec in Scotland, had the pleasure to help the electrical engineering specialists grow their competence.

Hands-on installation training in progress.

Theory and practice

The first part of such a Roxtec training is class-based with videos, checklists and information on right and wrong, while the second part is a practical training. The attendees build transits to ensure they know how to use the safety seals correctly. 

NSPS have transits in their workshop training area. They are thereby able to train teams and guarantee they are on top of all aspects of their work when going out to jobs. NSPS provides high quality services for the energy industry, including electrical design, installation, commissioning and troubleshooting. 

Are you interested in a Roxtec installation training?