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Caverion uses Roxtec to avoid welding

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Caverion gain a lot in efficiency by using the Roxtec SLA R and SLA RS sealing solutions. The international company used to send out three people, two electricians and one welder, on installation missions worldwide. “Now two electricians can manage the entire job,” say Kim Hansen, leader of Marine and Service at Caverion.

"Now two electricians can manage the entire job"

Caverion provides technical solutions for customers all over the world. They have used Roxtec cable and pipe transits for many years and were quick to adopt the innovative Roxtec SLA solutions. The solutions include Roxtec R transits or RS seals with adaption sleeves enabling quick sealing around cables without any need for welding.

Roxtec RS with SLA.

”By using the Roxtec SLA, we can send out two electricians to large projects instead of two electricians and one welding operator. We save on manpower resources and can put all focus on the installation task. In addition to this, the Roxtec SLA is quick and easy to use and available for cables in different sizes,” says Kim Hansen.  

Many of Caverion’s installation tasks onboard ships would normally require welding. About 20 percent of a job used to consist of man hours, materials and equipment for welding. With non-weld solutions the total cost is reduced. Caverion uses the Roxtec SLA frequently to avoid the need for welding, and the installers are very satisfied with the solution. One person can easily install it, which reduces the need for coordination as well as the cost also in smaller projects. 

”The Roxtec SLA solutions are really worth considering the next time you need transits for marine assets. The Roxtec SLA is easy to install and requires very few components. It makes it easy for us to pack travelling installers’ bags when they are leaving for retrofit or repair jobs on ships,” says Claes Nielsen, stock manager at Caverion.

Caverion is increasing their use of Roxtec SLA solutions in shipbuilding and marine projects. For example, they use Roxtec transits to seal data cables on the navigating bridge and the deck above it, the so called monkey island.

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