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Whistleblow system

Roxtec operates in an open business climate with high business ethics. This is done in a responsible, transparent and sustainable way where we expect all our coworkers, including board and management, to act in accordance with legislation together with Roxtec internal regulations.

Suspicion on misconduct can be reported through the Roxtec whistleblow system.

How to report

To report, fill out the form and submit. You can choose to be anonymous. If you want to call, please call +46455366700 and ask to be connected to the Roxtec CSO. You can of course always contact our local MD at our subsidiary. 

Reports are handled with strict confidentiality within a specific whistleblower team. These persons have been appointed to have, on behalf of Roxtec and in a neutral and independent way, contact with reporting persons as well as to follow up and investigate the report.

Examples on matters not to be reported in this channel are complaints, minor work environmental issues or product quality errands, etc. 


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