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Transits for FPSOs

Transits for FPSOs

Ensure safety and secure operations 

Roxtec cable and pipe seals provide certified protection against gas, fire, water, electromagnetic disturbances and the risk of explosion. They are approved for use in hazardous locations and also provide solutions for bonding and grounding. You can use our area efficient sealing solutions for cables and pipes in decks and bulkheads to reduce stress in the very large hull, but also to gain space in control cabinets and junction boxes.

Application areas

Explore the multitude of applications where you can benefit from our solutions.

Your local contacts

Roxtec is represented in this industry by:

Darren Wesneske

Segment Manager Department Offshore
Business region: National, United States Phone +1 281 882 8303

Paul Losinski

Segment Manager
Business region: National, Canada Phone +1 709 682 1550