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Superior to cable glands

Save time, space and weight with Roxtec cable transit devices.

Use Roxtec entry seals in your field based terminal boxes, outdoor junction boxes and other enclosures.

Roxtec vs. cable glands

There is a smarter way of sealing multiple cables than using a cable gland for each and every cable. With Roxtec multi-cable transits, you can seal dozens of cables in one opening that is large enough to allow pre-terminated cables. You save design and installation time as well as a lot of space in your cabinets and enclosures. You also gain the flexibility to handle late design changes and the splendid ability to add cables of different sizes whenever you need.

Reasons for changing sealing method

Manage high cable density and high demands for environmental protection. Seal, bond and ground all metal-clad and armored cables in one opening instead of punching possible leak paths for cable glands. And reduce the size and cost of cabinets!

Do you also want to reduce the size of your enclosures? Save space with cable entry solutions from Roxtec.

No more cutting off connectors

Route and seal pre-terminated cables without cutting your connectors and voiding cable warranties. Roxtec seals have large openings making them ideal
for quick, trouble-free and area efficient installation of pre-terminated cables. If you compare Roxtec solutions with traditional cable glands, you can reduce installation time by 50 percent and ensure space savings of up to 70 percent.

Flexible for future needs

Roxtec cable entry seals provide built-in spare capacity. You can easily and cost-efficiently add cables and upgrade according to new needs and regulations.

Cable seals vs. Cable glands

Ready for hazardous locations

Roxtec solutions are available with acid-proof stainless steel frames and in versions approved for potentially explosive atmospheres and hazardous locations.

Learn how to save time and space by using Roxtec seals instead of cable glands.

Roxtec BG™ vs. cable glands


Applications and ratings


Power supply cabinets, I/C cabinets, control cabinets, DCS/PLC cabinets, I/O marshalling cabinets, instrumentation enclosures, communication enclosures, junction boxes, Ex e terminal boxes


IP 66/67, IP 69K, UL/NEMA 4, 4x, 12, 13

Bonding and grounding

Tested according to the following specifications:
CSA 22.2, No 18.3-04/UL514B, Protective connection to earth acc. EN50262/IEC62444

Hazardous locations - IECEx

IEC 60079-0: 2011, IEC 60079-31: 2013, IEC 60079-7: 2006

Hazardous locations - ATEX

EN 60079-0: 2012, EN 60079-7: 2007, EN 6009-31: 2014


Read more about our certified protection against multiple hazards or browse our entire range of cable and pipe entry seals for cabinets and enclosures.

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Roxtec vs. cable glands

There are five main reasons for choosing Roxtec cable seals as cable gland and cord grip substitutes.   

1. The area efficient cable gland alternative

By using a Roxtec cable entry device as cable gland alternative or cable connector substitute, you drastically reduce the need for punching openings in your cabinets and enclosures. Use one hole for 32 cables in a Roxtec transit instead of drilling 32 holes and installing 32 cable glands. With Roxtec seals as cable gland replacement, you will be able to use smaller cabinets and enclosures. This will help you save space for your vital electrical equipment and avoid unnecessary costs.     

2. The light cable gland replacement

Cable glands, strain-reliefs and similar fittings can be made of simple plastic materials, but they are often made of metallic materials such as steel, brass or aluminum to be able to provide the required functionality. The problem, however, is that the weight of the terminal or junction boxes increases too much with the number of cable glands. By replacing all the cable glands with one or a couple of Roxtec cable seals, you can easily get rid of 50 percent of the overall weight.

3. The easy cable gland substitute        

Traditional cable glands do not allow you to route pre-terminated cables. This extends the installation time and increases the risk of human errors during the process. However, the perfect cable gland alternative, the flexible Roxtec cable seal, has large openings that make it very safe and simple for installers to pull the cables through – with their connectors. Use Roxtec seals as cable gland substitutes and experience a workday without cutting and reattaching connectors. 

4. The neat cable gland alternative   

Roxtec mechanical cable transit devices consist of very few components – especially if you compare to traditional cable glands, strain-reliefs and cord grips. Use Roxtec cable seals as cable gland substitute to obtain certified environmental sealing as well as efficient bonding and grounding of armored and shielded cables. You meet all demands without having to buy, bring and handle hundreds of small metallic components in narrow areas onsite or out in the field. 

5. The quick cable gland substitute

Saving time is probably the most convincing aspect when it comes to deciding to use Roxtec seals as cable gland alternative. Since you do not have to punch or drill holes or even cut and reattach any connectors, you gain a lot of time. Add the amazing fact that you can route and seal all cables in one opening if you use Roxtec seals as cable gland replacement – instead of one by one in dozens of openings. You will very soon realize that you can cut installation time by half.

  Cabinet size Weight Pre-terminated connectors Items needed Installation time
Roxtec cable seals 20 cables, 1 cutout 2 kg No cutting 26 items 2 hours
Cable glands 20 cables, 20 cutouts 4 kg Cutting 261 items 4 hours