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Roxtec GRP sealing solutions for composite structures

Explore the new frames and sleeves.

Roxtec GRP frames and sleeves for cable and pipe seals are ideal for newbuilds or refurbished boats in fiberglass or composite. They are attached through lamination on superyachts as well as navy vessels.

Roxtec GRP frames and sleeves for cable and pipe seals

As shipbuilder, you can use the frames and sleeves in everything from electric ferries to rescue boats and patrol vessels to maintain solid, strong, and light structures.

Avoid drilling and bolting

All Roxtec GRP composite solutions are developed for easy lamination or gluing to the structure. You can thereby avoid drilling and bolting – and reduce the risk of cracks in the structure. You can easily maintain the strength of the deck or bulkhead and rely on the tested and certified seals from Roxtec.

Frame with rounded corners

You have several versions to choose from depending on your needs. There is the light and strong rectangular Roxtec SRC r20 GRP composite frame with rounded corners. It forms an entire multi-cable and pipe transit with Roxtec modules and a compression unit. Its rounded corners reduce stress concentration and the risk of cracks.

Sleeves for different seals

There are also the round Roxtec SL GRP composite sleeves. They are available in different sizes and are used together with Roxtec round sealing solutions, such as the Roxtec R transit for multiple cables and pipes, the Roxtec RS seal for single cables or pipes, and the Roxtec RS PPS/S seal for single plastic pipes.

Tested and certified sealing solutions

Roxtec GRP solutions are:

  • Watertight
  • Gas-tight
  • A-class fire rated