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Roxtec Transit Designer software reaches 40 000 users

Cable and pipe sealing specialist Roxtec adds new features to the free online tool.

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There are around 40 000 registered users of Roxtec Transit Designer around the world, and the number is increasing by 100 per week. Only in 2021, thousands of design engineers have used it to design more than 100 000 cable and pipe transits in 17 500 projects.

Roxtec Transit Designer™ is a free software for design engineers working with cable and pipe penetration seals. Regardless of industry, the software helps them select the right sealing solution with the right certificate for the right application as well as to design hundreds of transits in just a few minutes.

Mattias Persson, Application Specialist at Roxtec, announces the benefits of some new features:

“Users can now not only import files to Roxtec Transit Designer™ from Excel. They can also export files to Excel for further work and then import them back into our software again. This is a way to save a lot of time if there are changes in a project with hundreds of cable and pipe transits.”

Users can enjoy a smooth exchange between Excel and the Roxtec software. They can take back their cable list in Excel, add, delete or change transits, and then directly return the new data.

Open for CAD integration

“In addition to this, we have opened up Roxtec Transit Designer™ for third party integration,” says Mattias Persson. “Our digital tool is now able to talk to for example 3D CAD software and cable routing software. Users of these software can thereby use Roxtec Transit Designer™ for 3D models in their own software functionality.”

Many designers in large projects in South Korea have already experienced the benefits of being able to let their own design software use the features of the Roxtec software.
Another news is that the Roxtec Transit Designer™ connection to the other digital tools in the Roxtec Software Suite™, Roxtec Transit Build™ and Roxtec Transit Operate™, has been developed to enable all documentation to be shared automatically.

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