Watch the Roxtec Transit Build™ launch event

Watch the Roxtec Transit Build™ launch event

The online launch event for Roxtec Transit Build presents an exciting step of the digitalization of cable and pipe transit management.

In this recorded online event, we proudly introduce Roxtec Transit Build™. It is a software especially developed to secure the installation process of your cable and pipe penetration seals. It makes it easy to deliver quality in line with any regulation, from construction and hand over through to refurbishment projects. It is a cornerstone of the Roxtec Software Suite™.

Take this opportunity to explore Roxtec Transit Build™ and all the smart features. You will be surprised by this simple way of improving the workflow and setting up a full transit register.

The digital launch event is held by three of our experts in solutions for better sealing:

  • Mats Åhman, EVP Digital Solutions
  • Peter Iverfeldt, Product Specialist
  • Mattias Persson, Application Specialist
Roxtec Transit Build™ Launch event

Duration: 40 minutes

In the video, you will learn more on:

How to take total control

Ensure quality and an efficient work process in order to avoid costly failures and the risk of delays. The software handles all documents related to installation and certification of seals.

Following the work "live"

Enjoy the feeling of instant control of the project progress and of knowing the activity log and status of each transit. You can share information with owners and surveyors digitally.

How it works

Come along for a quick and easy demo session with application specialist Mattias Persson. It will help you understand the the easiness of saving time while ensuring quality in every detail.