Roxtec Transit Operate™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) supplied on a subscription based payment plan. Each asset carries its subscription fees. An asset can be a ship, drilling rig or any type of building, processing plant or electrical substation.

Simple pricing scheme

A subscription period starts automatically when an asset is created in Roxtec Transit Operate™. The subscription fees are invoiced on a monthly basis by email to the invoicing address you provided when you confirmed the subscription.

Base subscription  One asset 100 free openings €99 per month
Medium  openings 101-500  €0.7    per opening, per month
Large  openings 501-1000 €0.5  per opening, per month
X large   openings 1001-2000 €0.3 per opening, per month
Unlimited openings over 2001  €0.2 per opening, per month

The pricing scheme is set up with a base package as starting point for each asset. The base package includes an unlimited number of named users plus the first 100 openings*. An unlimited number of users of the Roxtec Transit Operate™ app for Android smartphones and tablets is also included.

As the registry grows with the number of openings, additional fees per opening are added to the base package price. The monthly cost is calculated at month end as the price varies with the amount of registered transit openings in the system.

*A transit can include multiple openings. The definition of an opening is that it can be compressed and sealed as a part of a bigger solution. Example: A Roxtec frame 6x3 is one transit with three openings.

To cancel a subscription, the administrator of the company account can simply cancel the subscription in the account page. This shall be done at least 10 days prior to month end. No further invoicing will then occur.

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