Roxtec Transit Build™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) supplied on a pay-per-use based payment plan. Each asset carries its own cost. An asset can be a ship, drilling rig or any type of building, processing plant or electrical substation.

Simple pricing scheme

Invoicing starts automatically when you have created a real asset in Roxtec Transit Build™ as openings are added. The number of new added openings is calculated and invoiced on a monthly basis by email to the invoicing address you provided when you upgraded to paid account. Each opening is billed as a one-time cost the month it was created. The subscription has no fixed-term contract and no upfront investments are needed.

Continuous access

You pay for each opening you register in the system. The definition of an opening is that it can be compressed and sealed as a part of a bigger solution, and a cable and pipe transit can include multiple openings. Example: A Roxtec 6x3 transit has three openings. You only pay when you set up an opening, but you have continuous access to it during the whole construction. You will return to each opening several times during the process.

Unlimited number of users included

An unlimited number of users of the Roxtec Transit Build™ web application and app for Android smartphones and tablets is included.

Remember that you need to set the status of the asset to “completed” in Roxtec Transit Build™ to be able to transfer data to the owner’s system Roxtec Transit Operate™. The data for the specific asset will still be available, but there can be no editing and the functionality is a bit limited. There is no monthly subscription fee for Roxtec Transit Build™ during the first 18 months after an asset is created. However, if the asset is not set to “completed” before the end of that period, a monthly base subscription fee of €99 plus €0.7 for each opening exceeding 100 will be invoiced until the status is set to “completed”.