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Roxtec cable straps

Roxtec plastic-coated metal straps are mechanically strong and resistant to fire. They fulfill the technical requirements regarding regular metallic fixation of cables to the cable racks.

  • Available in three materials
  • Available in fixed lengths (200-1000 mm)
  • Tightening tool with cutting function available
cable straps
cable straps

Component articles

STRAP 08x0,3 BLACK/AISI304 L=200

  • Art. No GK000000260044

STRAP 08x0,3 BLACK/AISI304 L=300

  • Art. No GK000000100900

STRAP 08x0,3 BLACK/AISI304 L=400

  • Art. No GK000000100904

STRAP 08x0,3 BLACK/AISI304 L=500

  • Art. No GK000000100906

STRAP 08x0,3 BLACK/AISI304 L=600

  • Art. No GK000000100908

STRAP 15x0,5 BLACK/AISI430 L=300

  • Art. No GK000000101102

STRAP 15x0,5 BLACK/AISI430 L=400

  • Art. No GK000000101103

STRAP 15x0,5 BLACK/AISI430 L=500

  • Art. No GK000000101104

STRAP 15x0,5 BLACK/AISI430 L=600

  • Art. No GK000000101105

STRAP 15x0,5 BLACK/AISI430 L=700

  • Art. No GK000000101106

STRAP 15x0,5 BLACK/AISI430 L=800

  • Art. No GK000000101107

STRAP 15x0,5 BLACK/AISI430 L=900

  • Art. No GK000000210812

STRAP 15x0,5 BLACK/AISI430 L=1000

  • Art. No GK000000100809

Galvanized mild steel

STRAP 15x0,5 GREY/GALV L=300

  • Art. No GK000000101006

STRAP 15x0,5 GREY/GALV L=400

  • Art. No GK000000101007

STRAP 15x0,5 GREY/GALV L=500

  • Art. No GK000000101008

STRAP 15x0,5 GREY/GALV L=600

  • Art. No GK000000101009

STRAP 15x0,5 GREY/GALV L=700

  • Art. No GK000000101100

STRAP 15x0,5 GREY/GALV L=900

  • Art. No GK000000210806

STRAP 15x0,5 GREY/GALV L=1000

  • Art. No GK000000100710

STRAP 15x0,5 GREY/GALV L=800

  • Art. No GK000000101101

Stainless steel

STRAP 08x0,3 BROWN/AISI316 L=200

  • Art. No GK000000260429

STRAP 08x0,3 BROWN/AISI316 L= 300

  • Art. No GK000000200779

STRAP 08x0,3 BROWN/AISI316 L=400

  • Art. No GK000000210817

STRAP 08x0,3 BROWN/AISI316 L=600

  • Art. No GK000000210824

STRAP 15x0,5 BROWN/AISI316 L=300

  • Art. No GK000000100046

STRAP 15x0,5 BROWN/AISI316 L=400

  • Art. No GK000000100048

STRAP 15x0,5 BROWN/AISI316 L=600

  • Art. No GK000000100169

STRAP 15x0,5 BROWN/AISI316 L=700

  • Art. No GK000000100185

STRAP 15x0,5 BROWN/AISI316 L=800

  • Art. No GK000000100187

STRAP 15x0,5 BROWN/AISI316 L=900

  • Art. No GK000000210809

STRAP 15x0,5 BROWN/AISI316 L=1000

  • Art. No GK000000100375

STRAP 15x0,5 BROWN/AISI316 L=500

  • Art. No GK000000100050

STRAP 08x0,3 BROWN/AISI316 L=500

  • Art. No GK000000210822