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Roxtec R transit with SLFO/RI

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Openable transit for sealing around existing cables/pipes.

The Roxtec R with SLFO/RI is a transit with sleeve for cables and pipes. The compression is integrated in the transit frame so it seals by expansion in the sleeve. The standard sealing modules are adaptable to cables and pipes of different sizes, and can be used to build in spare capacity in the transit. The net on the backside protects during horizontal installations (not included in R 70 and R 75). The frame is easily cut open for installation around existing cables or pipes. The openable sleeve is bolted to the structure.

  • Perfect for retrofit

Product characteristics

  • fire rated.svg
    Fire rated
  • watertight.svg
  • gas-tight.svg
  • emi protection.svg
    EMI protection

Ratings & certificates

Certificates are continuously added, renewed and replaced, please visit regularly to ensure compliance.


  • A-CLASS according to IMO 2010 FTP Code
  • H-CLASS according to IMO 2010 FTP Code + HC fire load curve


  • Gas: 1 bar (catastrophic)
  • Water: 2 bar (catastrophic)


  • Potential equalization
  • Electromagnetic shielding

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