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Roxtec seals in Bentley design software

Use our 3D CAD library to improve your designs.

Roxtec seals in Bentley design software

A 3D CAD library of Roxtec cable and pipe sealing products is made available in the software system Bentley Raceway and Cable Management.

With the release of their Connect Edition Update 10, Bentley added manufacturer specific content in the form of Roxtec transits to the metric datasets. The Roxtec 3D integration provides sealing solution features applicable to a wide range of industries.

The cable and pipe transits content generates a high quality 3D model, produces clear outputs, and specifies required material. Here are some of the benefits of the transit content:

  • Possible 3D object placement to visualize transits
  • Possible fill/spare calculation in transit after cable routing
  • Possible output in Bill of Quantity including manufacturer product code

Watch this video from Bentley on how to use the Roxtec 3D CAD library to simplify your cable and pipe transit design work.

You can also access the user guidelines that describe how to use the Roxtec 3D CAD library in Bentley software system, by filling out the form below.

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