Webinar on Roxtec UG™ seals for the Australian market

Learn how to pre-seal and seal against water, dust and vermin.

“We have listened to our Australian customers and have adapted our popular round seals and cast-in knock sleeves to suit the needs of this market. They are now available in standard sizes that match Australian conduits and cable sizes, and we proudly present them in a special webinar.”

Roxtec UG™ sealing products for Australia

Roxtec UG™ (underground) seals for cable, pipe and conduit entries protect against rodents, gas and environmental ingress in both normal and flood conditions. The penetration seals resist standing water up to 0.3bar or 3m, catastrophic water pressure up to 1bar or 10m and gas pressure up to 0.3 bar.

Sharing our knowledge

In this webinar, sealing specialists Joe Puglisi, Sales Manager Power, and Mike Coburn, Sales Manager Transport, of Roxtec Australia, explain how you can keep basements, substations and pits dry and clean during the construction period and also ensure optimum operating conditions for electrical equipment over time.

Support throughout the process

We offer a range of easy-to-use, cast-in sleeves for pre-sealing and technically superior, robust mechanical cable seals. Do you want to avoid costly remediation works such as pump outs and water disposal fees together with ongoing conduit and cable maintenance works? Watch the webinar to see how Roxtec Australia can support you from specification and training through to installation.