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How to ensure continuous power supply

Eliminate the key threats to reliable operation.

How to ensure continuous power supply

Electrical substations are exposed to the risk of structural ingress. Rodents may damage equipment while water and dust can cause partial discharge activity and subsequent failure of power distribution. To ensure continuity, operators must handle challenges such as ground settlement, heavy cable load and running water.

Traditional cable penetration sealants such as mastic and compounds fail, if not directly so over time. They cannot retain heavy, moving cables, and are often pulled out of the walls. In addition, installers rarely manage to seal between multiple cables. The result is water and dust ingress, humidity, condensation, partial discharge and costly power outages. 

3 ways to secure your substation

The expression “We have always done it this way” is no good anymore. This is what you can do to efficiently protect your substation and your equipment and thereby ensure stable power supply:   

  1. Specify an underground sealing solution that can be installed even in running water. You cannot use mastic or compounds, since curing and drying is impossible in running water. 
  2. Make sure you choose a cable seal that is quick and easy to install from one side of the wall.
  3. Use a seal strong enough to retain large power cables that enter one by one through ducts in the wall or in trefoil formation through a larger duct. It must be able to maintain tight regardless of ground settlement on directly buried cables or how cables are pulled, bent or twisted. True cable retention performance means that the seals can cope with the loads that can be expected in normal installation conditions.

White paper: “Humidity effects in substations”

Do you want to learn more on how to avoid partial discharge and maintain optimum operating conditions for switchgear and other high-voltage equipment? Read EA Technology’s white paper “Humidity effects in substations”.

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