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Cable and pipe seals for hydrogen plants

Protecting the green industry against multiple risks.

Cable and pipe seals for hydrogen plants

You can standardize with the Roxtec sealing system for all cable and pipe penetrations in your hydrogen generation facilities. It is the simple, safe, and most efficient way to secure protection against fire, gas, water, dust, and rodents as well as against blast load and the risk of explosion.

In hydrogen production facilities at green ammonia plants and similar, there are many areas and potentially explosive atmospheres where Roxtec seals are fit for purpose. Watch this video to see how Roxtec sealing solutions can help you ensure a safe process and a safe environment.

Roxtec seals for hydrogen projects

Sealing between control room and hydrogen generation room

You can use Roxtec seals to separate rooms and areas with different classifications since the Roxtec system, installed in concrete walls, offers gas-tightness to secure an Ex zone (1 and 2) border for the part of the cable and pipe transits. One more example is for control cables and instrument tubes to maintain a fire, blast and vibration resistant barrier between the control room and the hydrogen generation room. There is no need for additional insulation if you use a Roxtec back-to-back solution. Another example is for electrical cabinets in the control room at the hydrogen generation facility. You avoid water and dust and enable the use of pre-terminated cables.


Sealing, bonding, and grounding of power cables

Seal and ground power cables coming up from the underground trench to the skid-mounted converter by using a Roxtec BG™ (bonding and grounding) solution. You can also mitigate water, dust, and rodents by sealing cables entering from the outdoor transformer stations with bolted transits below the floor.


Covering Ex e rated cabinets and outdoor applications

The system versatility enables you to secure entries in Ex e rated cabinets in the hydrogen generation area with Ex approved transits in stainless steel and to protect both cable and pipe penetrations in the containerized hydrogen compressor from indoor and outdoor hazards, such as fire, gas, blast load, rain, and dust.