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Sealing solutions for green hydrogen projects

Prevent the risk of explosion.

Sealing solutions for green hydrogen projects

Roxtec cable and pipe seals are ideal as standard solution when you design, manufacture, and expand green hydrogen facilities. You can protect electrical equipment, control cabinets and the entire facility for water electrolysis from fire, gas, water, dust, rodents, blast load, and the risk of explosion. You can also ensure efficient bonding and grounding. It is as easy to install Roxtec seals in modular units in the factory and keep the equipment dry during transport and construction as it is to open them up on site to add cables, pipes, and further equipment. Our sealing system can be used in walls, floors and cabinets as well as underground. It is appreciated by operators, designers, and installers within renewables for providing certified solutions for reliability and scalability. It adapts to cables and pipes of many sizes and offers built-in spare capacity for expansion.

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