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The right seal for the right sleeve

Voltens and Roxtec in tight teamwork.

The right seal for the right sleeve

It is great for transformer station manufacturers to be able to deliver compact stations that are pre-sealed with the Roxtec knock-out sleeve. But how to inform end-users about which seal to use when the cables arrive? Voltens and Roxtec solved the problem by adding a sticker with a QR code sending them directly to roxtec.com. It made it easy to find the right solution – and to install it in a safe way.

The right seal for the right sleeve

Voltens B.V. is a company in the Netherlands specializing in the manufacture and installation of compact transformer kiosks and stations. Their stations transform high-voltage power to usable voltage for customers who need more energy than they can get from the normal electricity grid connection. They are also used by customers who produce renewable energy and want to refill the grid with green power.

Avoid the risk of arc flash

Often placed on the basement level, the transformer stations must withstand high ground water levels. “We use Roxtec knock-out sleeves to make sure the stations are watertight, okay and ready to use,” says Martijn Klooster, Manager at Voltens. “Otherwise, there is a high risk of arc flash due to humidity. Water and electricity are not good friends and arc flash means risk of life and much damage.”

Smart information sticker

It is for customers or third parties who are to connect the transformer station to the grid that Voltens and Roxtec have added the QR code sticker inside the pre-sealing sleeves. By scanning the code, users are directed to the Roxtec website with recommended cable seals for use in the knock-out sleeve.

“It works very well. Now the customers know how it works, what they need to seal the opening after having knocked out the pre-sealing plate and how to install the seal correctly. In addition, Roxtec offers installation training which is very good for us and our customers,” says Martijn Klooster, and continues:

“Roxtec representatives are always available and take our issues seriously. We are very happy with our cooperation with Roxtec as well as with the quality of the products.”

Roxtec representatives are always available.
Martijn Klooster, Voltens

Why use Roxtec?

  • Pre-sealing solutions
  • Watertightness
  • Reliable cable sealing
  • Smooth cooperation
  • Continuous availability

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Manufacturing and sealing of transformer stations in the Netherlands

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Voltens – design and installation


Pre-sealing and sealing of openings for cables

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