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Cable seals for easy design and installation

Cable seals for easy design and installation

Roxtec solutions are used in the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project in Washington, D.C to secure power supply, prevent water from damaging equipment and minimize danger in case of fire.

One flexible solution

You find Roxtec seals for fiberglass conduits, power cables and shielded cables of different sizes in the new stations and substations as well as on passenger platforms and aerial decks. Cables entering substations and gap breaker stations via conduits are sealed from water, and in certain areas Roxtec covers the special requirement for both water-tightness and a 3-hour fire rating.

Changes made easy

Roxtec seals offer built-in spare capacity and simplify adding and removing cables in the future. You just loosen up a few bolts and take it apart in a secure way.

I'm glad I came across Roxtec. The products work very well for us, as they can accommodate various sizes of cable. It makes it easy to do the design work and to handle changes in the field.
Senior Traction Power Engineer Rich Farland of Dulles Transit Partners

Project facts

Project description

Heavy rail project


Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA)

Eventual owner

Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA)

Design-build contractor, field installations

Dulles Transit Partners (a Bechtel and URS joint-venture)


Sealing of conduits and cables going through conduits

Sealing requirements

Watertight, fire protection (3 hrs)