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Supplying Britain’s biggest nuclear site

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Roxtec provides cable sealing solutions to support a major overhaul of the infrastructure in the Sellafield project.

The Sellafield site incorporates the UK’s first nuclear reactors as well as the world’s first commercial-scale nuclear power station. Roxtec cable seals are used in three new substations as well as CCTV systems across the site. 

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Will Melvin, nuclear and process manager at Roxtec UK, says the key benefits include safety, reliability and flexibility whilst increasing installation productivity: 

“Roxtec’s seals are ideal for nuclear environments because of the many demands that a nuclear site has, and the requirement for a true multi-hazard seal. Our cable transit cabinet solutions are being used in place of the traditional termination method cable glands, helping save time, space and weight. They are able to manage high cable density by sealing, bonding and grounding all metal-clad and armored cables in one opening, instead of punching possible leak paths for cable glands.”

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