Secure your transits

We present a webinar on transit safety for the marine and offshore industries.

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Secure your transits

There is a problem in the marine and offshore industries when it comes to installation quality of cable and pipe transits.

During hundreds of onboard inspections of cable and pipe penetrations, we have seen too many poor transit installations that do not meet fire protection or water-tightness demands. It is like leaving a fire rated door wide open if you do not seal properly around cables or pipes on new-builds or after finalized maintenance work. Do not miss this great opportunity to learn how we can help you ensure long-term safety. 

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The webinar will help you:

Face the facts

We have inspected cable and pipe transits onboard ships and rigs all over the world. Let us show you the most common issues and risks with cable and pipe penetrations.

Gain knowledge

There are ways to solve these safety problems. We will present our transit safety service programs that can help you address them systematically. We will also introduce Roxtec Transit Registry™ – our transit management software.

Who should attend this webinar?

If you work with safety related tasks in the marine or offshore industries – then this webinar is for you. It is as important if you work with sealing or fire protection on a daily basis, as if you are responsible for the overall safety onboard ships or offshore units.

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