Cable plug B15-SPC

The fire-proof penetration seal.

The B15-SPC cable plug is designed for vertical divisions with fire protection demands according to classes B0 and B15.

Its rubber body is easily adjusted in length and can be installed from any side of the structure, without any need for lubricant, sealing agents or additional fire protection insulation. The cable plug has an inner membrane for smoke-tightness which is pierced before pulling the cable. 

For cables and openings

The B15-SPC cable plug has a pre-punched flange that can be fitted directly over the base without tools. This allows the cable to be guided through as deeply as possible. The plug can be used for cable diameters up to 10mm as well as to seal off a 15.5mm drill hole without cable. If a cable has already been laid, divide the plug by opening an inner notch and mount it sideways over the cable.

Certified protection 

  • Fire-proof
  • Smoke-tight
  • Tested and approved according to SOLAS 74-Regulation II-2/9 and MSC.307(88)/IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 3 for A, B and F class divisions

Simple and efficient

  • Easy to install from any side
  • No need for lubricant or sealant
  • No need for additional insulation

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