Technical seminar on multi-hazard protection in nuclear power projects

Understand the need for sealing separation barriers.

Technical seminar on multi-hazard protection in nuclear power projects

Do you know how to protect traditional and new nuclear power facilities, such as SMRs, from multiple hazards? Do you know how to secure all cable and pipe penetrations in line with IAEA safety guides?

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In this seminar, we highlight post-Fukushima learnings, discuss the need to consider multiple hazard protection and explore a regulatory compliant sealing technology that fits the nuclear sector perfectly.

Roxtec cable and pipe seals are passive protection systems that protect against multiple concurrent and consequential hazards. By preventing fire and water ingress, providing blast protection, and eliminating humidity effects on switchgear, they maintain safety when one event causes another and threats accumulate. They can also limit the effect and severity of occurring external and internal hazards. There are good reasons for standardizing with Roxtec seals in all separation barriers throughout nuclear plants.

Safety information for designers, builders, and operators

The seminar is intended for civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control engineers involved in design, build or installation of nuclear power facilities. It also brings new and useful insights to managers responsible for asset management and maintenance, quality, safety, and environment.

By watching the webinar, you will learn more on:

Risk prevention and mitigation

Experience efficient protection against concurrent and consequential hazards.

Recommended sealing systems

Gain further understanding of why multi-hazard sealing systems fit the sector.

Solutions for standardization

Discover how innovative modular-based seals achieve multi-hazard protection.

Sharing knowledge with you

In the seminar, you meet sealing specialist Gavin Cornall, Global Segment Manager Power, and moderator Linda Stenborg, Business Area Marketing Manager, of Roxtec. When it comes to answering technical questions, they are assisted by Senior Test and Certificates Engineer John Hallström.

Gavin Cornall

Gavin Cornall

Global Segment Manager Power.

Linda Stenborg

Linda Stenborg

Business Area Marketing Manager.

John Hallström

John Hallström

Senior Test and Certificates Engineer.

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