How to design safe and efficient cable solutions in an ever-changing project landscape

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How to design safe and efficient cable solutions in an ever-changing project landscape

Transitioning from conventional energy sources to renewable alternatives is an essential step in minimizing our carbon footprint. Likewise, the shift from conventional RIE buildings to smart junction boxes serves to streamline operations and reduce our physical footprint. The dynamic nature of the industrial sector demands constant adaptation, but safety remains a paramount concern. Given the rapid evolution of the industry and its projects, the significance of attention to detail cannot be overstated. Neglecting minor aspects during project planning can potentially give rise to significant challenges once the site is operational. Therefore, it is important that the specifications for cable penetrations are written with adaptability and flexibility in mind to seamlessly accommodate any emerging changes.

This webinar presents how Roxtec seals for buildings and cabinets help you simplify energy transition and decarbonization projects. As sealing experts, we can explain what you need in different classified areas.

Proactive sealing work  

Watch our webinar to learn more on certified protection against fire, gas, and water ingress in your advanced cabinets and electrical buildings. In addition to safety, we discuss reduced footprint, installation time savings, and future-proof design. It is important to understand the impact of structural ingress, act with anticipation and never leave cable sealing decisions to the field. Learn how to select and design in seals for use in hazardous locations to ensure protection, optimize cable management and secure operations.

You also get a glimpse of our solutions that make your design work easy. We provide the free design tool Roxtec Transit Designer™ and 3D CAD libraries for integration of Roxtec seals into design software.

Watch this webinar to learn more on:

Energy transition solutions

How to overcome cable sealing challenges in the ever-changing world of energy projects.

Adaptability and flexibility

Discover innovative and space saving multi-cable seals for buildings and advanced cabinets.

Safe and efficient design

Design solutions that fit specific needs and avoid leaving such important decisions to the field.

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