Diverting unwanted currents from your electrical installations

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Diverting unwanted currents from your electrical installations

The effectiveness of cable bonding depends on the method. While a traditional way of protecting against high frequency disturbances allowed nearly 40% of the disturbances to enter a certain shielded area, a more recently developed and proper method managed to hold down the percentage to under 1%.

You can learn more about useful cable bonding methods and test results by listening to EMC expert José Claudio de Oliveira e Silva, author of the white paper “Diverting unwanted currents from your electrical installations”. He will present the content of the educational white paper and explain his findings.

In the webinar, you will learn more on:

Effective diversion

Learn about effective diversion of unwanted currents that can ingress the installations through cables.

Cable bonding efficiency

Learn about the results from cable bonding efficiency tests conducted on different configurations.

Roxtec BG™ solutions

Get to know our solutions for electrical bonding and grounding with certified protection against fire, gas and water.

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